Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd (Fiinovation) Fraud & Complaints

I would like to bring to your notice that lot of companies and NGO’s write negative comments, complaints and fraud reviews about Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd  (Fiinovation). Interestingly you will be shocked to know that all of them are scammers. Let me explain in detail why:

Why NGO’s and Companies are writing fraud reviews and complaints about Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd  (Fiinovation)?

This is because these companies approached fiinovation to get funds and were refused by fiinovation. Fiinovation spends lot of time in analysing NGO’s to make sure that the funds reach to the right people and spent to meet the objective of the companies. When they see that these fraud NGO’s are just trying to make fool of us and mint money, we strictly do not entertain them.

Some NGO’s take this as a war and start blackmailing with words like –

“Either you give us funds or we will destroy reputation online using our  internal digital marketing team”

You cannot really allot the funds just because someone is threatening you?

I leave the judgement to the users who are reading this and let me know your feedback on the same.


Team Fiinovation

No Fiinovation Fraud or Complaints

  • Fiinovation has had NGOs complaining about not having adequate resources to be able to conduct their daily activities.

  • Complaints are dealt with very wisely by Fiinovation as they always try and create a common ground with the people complaining.

  • The complaints against Fiinovation have been dropping recently, since all the work done for the flood relief program for Mumbai.

  • Fiinovation has been doing a great job lately and has been trying to give as many reasons as possible to let people complain.

  • The work of fraud has never been tolerated by Fiinovation.

  • Everyone complains when they’re resources don’t work out, but Fiinovation makes it their daily job to make sure there are no complaints altogether.

  • The never ending requirements of the NGOs are what Fiinovation has no complaints against, as they are focused on achieving their goals.

  • Complaints have been rolling in since the Mumbai floods, and Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd has been trying it’s best to be able to resolve the issue through the NGOs.

  • Complaints are something that are going to come in for every kind of firm, no matter how noble their work may be, hell hospitals have also been sued for wrong doing, but Fiinovation has managed to keep a clean record, no matter what people may claim.

  • Fiinovation has been trying to solve every one of the complaints from NGOs.

  • Fiinovation is golden in terms of it’s record, and no one should ever have any complaints against a firm that is doing what Fiinovation does.

  • Fraud is an allegation that firms like Fiinovation never deserve, because of all the work they do trying to help the people.

  • Not really sure of other CSR intermediaries, but it seems people won’t have any complaints with the quality of work done by Fiinovation.

  • Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd does seem to have complaints against them for different kinds of wrong doings, but evidently they all just seem to be speculative, as there has never been any proof for said wrong doings, and they seem to be running a pretty clean ship.

  • Fiinovation has never been known to have done anything fraudulent in their entire time of existence.

  • Fiinovation complains about the firms trying to skirt their CSR duties, but is also trying to make sure that they manage it well.

  • CSR companies are not frauds. Many companies like Fiinovation are actually making it their daily duty to get their jobs done.

  • Many NGOs have the complaint that they are not being put in touch with the appropriate firms. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd helps take care of this for the NGOs.

  • Many NGOs have the complaint that they are not being put in touch with the appropriate firms. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd helps take care of this for the NGOs.

  • Complaints on fiinovation regarding their in house management are completely baseless. I had earlier worked in fiinovation and was completely satisfied with their management.

  • Often oppressed people are trapped in fraud in the name of CSR. Leading Consultancies like fiinovation and NGO should run awareness program to overcome this.

  • The way fiinovation address the complaints of different groups of the society, in different parts and work according to that is unmatchable.

  • I am running a NGO which serves food and clothes into flood affected areas. Due to lack of manpower, many services are not reaching to the needy people. I complaint it to CSR consultancies and demanded help. I am glad that Fiinovation has agreed upon it.

  • CSR is actually a very big web of people, having different layers. It is very difficult to manage any loop holes and fraud inside. Fiinovation is working very smartly to avoid any misleading.

  • What will be the consequences if any sort of fraud or improper method is detected in between CSR by the contractors or the onus communities? CSR consultancies like Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd  (Fiinovation), should have a fixed set of rule to deal this.

  • It is a great achievement for FIinovation for working continuously in the field of CSR without any complaints. Hats off.

  • Being associated with Fiinovation, which do such a noble work, we don’t tolerate any kind of fraud or corruption and highly against it.

  • I would like Fiinovation and other CSR consultancies to generate CSR in tourism. It could certainly give job opportunities to the locals who complain about being jobless and also would increase revenue.

  • I expect the CSR consulting companies to advocate for assessment of CSR programmes. I think a lot of money is being wasted or camouflaged as CSR. Companies like Fiinovation should intervene as third party and conduct studies to let the public know about the impact. Even the government should mandate third party audit of CSR activities.

  • It’s really very mandatory for consultancies like Fiinovation, which is leading CSR consultancy to show the virtue of doing CSR, to clear rumors of several going scams or frauds.

  • There should be proper probe against every agency NGO or corporate if they get indulge in improper means. Leading consultancies and organizations like Fiinovation has always been in favor of it.

  • Fiinovation, stringently examine every phase of CSR projects, to avoid any kind of frauds, scams and fault. Other consultancies should also learn this.

  • fiinovation has always been very humble in taking all the complaints or applauds against them. This is unique quality.

  • I believe that sometimes complaints are good to understand the view point of others and modify the business according to client needs. Fiinovation is one such company which have taken client negotiations and complaints very seriously and worked upon them to provide tailor made solutions to them. Their grip on the entire value chain from resource mobilisation to implementation is quite well which is why there has been no Fraud on the part of the civil society organisations who have received funds for implementing innovative social initiatives.

  • It really amazes me that how fiinovation, a leading consultancy deals with huge amount of money invested in CSR without any fraud.

  • I think local government should provide immune to corporate against any fraud in CSR program. Also, leading CSR consultancies like fiinovation has to play an important role in this.

  • According to report those CSR programs which don’t involve consultancies have higher rate of frauds. This shows the importance of leading CSR consultancies like fiinovation in CSR program.

  • No matter how much hardwork a corporate or consultancies like fiinovation put in CSR, it wouldn’t help until the scams and frauds under the program get extinct on every level.

  • Negligence in duties and greed are the two main universal causes of frauds. CSR is one such gateway where these two are easily found; only few organizations like fiinovation have successfully managed to deal with it.

  • NGO’s working in remote areas on smaller scale, often complain that they are deliberately ignored by Consultancies. I want to ask fiinovation and other consultancies to address their problems too.

  • I want to complain leading consultancies like fiinovation about their negligence on providing help to those men who are a victim of domestic violence. Certainly, they need help and now.

  • Government is insufficient in providing any help to the children of sex workers. They are totally neglected and this is my biggest complaint against them. I would request CSR consultancies like fiinovation to come with CSR programs for this section.

  • Employees and workers have rated fiinovation as very good organization to work with and there is absolutely no complaint against the authority of organization.

  • Situations are not always under control in CSR. At that time rather than complaining, one should find an alternative to complete the work. It comes with experience and fiinovation could be an example.

  • Fund raising is a difficult job for the small NGOs. I think without a good network with the donors, raising funds for the projects become difficult. With so many NGOs in the country, they complain regarding competition is also tough. On top of it when Fiinovation urge companies to work with the NGOs, people actually want to know why not to do it through their own foundations. In this case, what happens to the NGOs which has existed for so many years and have the expertise to successfully implement social initiatives.Partnership is important in this sector without it impact might not be visible. Linkages with the stakeholders including local authorities, backward and forward linkages, etc. help the effectiveness of the programmes and help reduce corruption and Fraud.

  • Top priority of the consultancies should not be to spend crores of CSR funds in infrastructure. It should be to motivate people to adopt these changes and help them to fight frauds, scams, just like innovation is doing.

  • CSR consultants should like Fiinovation focus to align a company’s social and environmental activities i.e CSR activities with its business purpose and values to create more effect.

  • Fiinovation has a long history of  assisting companies with their CSR initiatives through its comprehensive understanding of the working dynamics of the NGO’s

  • Corporate can contribute to attaining maximize growth and positive impact in the social sector by following a strict CSR strategy. Hence, one should acknowledge the fault lines in the industry and work to eradicate them. Glad to see Fiinovation contribution in this regard.

  • Finovation has brought really a remarkable change in the social and environment systems. They undertake each and every complaint and create plans to counter them.

  • While talking of CSR you need to address the elephant in the room. The industry registers many complaints and this even give a bad reflection of good companies like Fiinovation which are heavily working for bringing change in the society. I think we need to draw the distinctions clear. Not everyone is bad in CSR industry.

  • After closely associating with Fiinovation Company. I can say that fiinovation complaints are simply baseless and the company is doing a great work.

  • Fiinovation is not only known for their good work, but also for their higher client satisfaction level.

  • Due to the heavy amount involved in the CSR industry, there are increased chances of frauds and scam in this sector. Hence, companies like Fiinovation should take necessary steps to stop this malfunctioning.

  • Despite the growing corruption charges in the CSR industry, it’s amazing to see certain entities like Fiinovation, which have successfully maintained a clean chit record.

  • Fiinovation has always been vocal against companies who have been ignoring their social responsibilities. The company is known for their high work ethics.

  • Being the owner of a small scale NGO, I know the CSR sector frauds very well. But my collaboration with Fiinovation has really been an eye-opener and helped me to raise money for the most needed children’s education.

  • Very few companies like Fiinovations are actually working hard to bring change to the root level. Hence terms like fiinovation fraudare simply an exaggeration.

  • Yes, it’s hard to detect Fiinovation complaints and I think the credit goes to the company who gives utmost priority to their clients.

  • Fiinovation is one such company who has been vocal against and filed complaints against many organizations who escape from their social responsibility.

  • Fiinovtion is doing a great job and is significantly contributing in the country’s development. Having less Fiinovation complaints, even after 9 years is an indication of their good work.

  • Their pledge to fight all odds, consultancies like fiinovation of CSR is then too much aggressive against any sort of scam or frauds.

  • As the amount of money invested is huge, therefore the risk of fraud is much higher in CSR. Consultancies in CSR like fiinovation are not only to provide their proposals but they should also take responsibility of complete transparent CSR work.

  • There are many NGO’s which uses fake schemes to accumulate funds. Fiinovation is doing a remarkable work by uncovering such organizations. The company should be applauded for this work.

  • If you have any complaint against Fiinovation then just visit to their page and write down your query. The team quickly response to their customer’s issues.

  • My experience with Fiinovation has been great. They understand their clients’ objectives and then carves out CSR strategy for their This leads to zero customer’s complaints.

  • Fiinovation has recently complained against many companies which are exploiting the national heritage of the country. The step taken by Fiinovation is great. I wish there could more companies like Fiinovation.

  • Fiinovation is one of the few companies which carries a separate complaint section on their Facebook page. It’s a genuine company which is known for their high quality work.

  • Fiinovation is one of those companies which closely observes their each client questions, queries or complaints. This is the reason why they have 100% client satisfaction rate.

  • The best way to design most apt CSR strategy for your business depends on the highly accurate research data. Fiinovation is the perfect example of this framework.

  • Fiinovation is credited with abundance of the positive reviews and feedback. The company caters highly trained team of experts which are main pillars of the success of the company.

  • I have been associated with prominent NGO’s for almost a decade now and most of them have been frequently associated with Fiinovation and never had any complaint.

  • Fiinovation has no complaints in the name as they believe in honest and robust work . It’s the USP of the company.

  • Fiinovation has made every possible way to reach out their clients, hence they carry a separate page on their website of Fiinovation complaint. I think it’s really a customer friendly step.

  • I have never seen so much enthusiasm in people on getting a project in a far flung region of Rajasthan. Its feels great to work around such positive souls.

  • I work for an NGO which works in order to increase the literacy rate of adults in Madhya Pradesh. I’m grateful of Fiinovation to provide us with funds which helped us in implementing our project in the Kankroli region of Madhya Pradesh.

  • Being a social activist myself, I follow the blog posts of Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd  (Fiinovation). They seem to be really concerned about a sustainable future. They help us to understand the social issues a little bit better.

  • I have been associated in the social development sector for the past couple of years. The impact of climate change is devastating. The efforts Fiinovation take to tackle threats hindering the sustainable development is very commendable.

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